View Full Version : buspirone

03-08-14, 20:59
Anyone ever been prescribed this for General Anxiety

Neurotic Nick
29-08-14, 03:52
Yep im on it right now, what do you want to know?

30-08-14, 23:56
Do you find that it works? Any nasty side effects? A lot of people say that it doesn't do much - others say it gives them 'brain zaps'.

Neurotic Nick
31-08-14, 01:40
Never had the brain zaps but in the first week it did make me feel very spaced out. I still get a bit of cottonhead/heavy limbs type feeling after taking a dose sometimes but from what ive read about side-effects from other meds i say its been pretty mild overall.

As for working, well yes and no, i recently lowered my dose experimentaly and can for sure say that it really helps with eliminating the "running anxiety", ie if i take it and im home and "safe" i can relax and have almost no anxiety or panic. But i also suffer from bad agoraphobia and it doesnt seem to help me with the panic i get when i go outside. I think thats why this is a med best prescribed for people with mild GAD. I can say that my recovery time after a panic attack is also much easier and faster.

I hope this is of some use to you :)

05-09-14, 22:23
Thanks :) Buspirone is one of those meds that I may ask for if my current ones do not (which, to be fair, is looking the case). Though I have severe anxiety/agitation and it probably isn't strong enough for me!