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22-12-06, 00:35
I can drive but have a safety zone that if i go outside i suffer high anxiety and possibly a panic attack. I don't go out weekends socialising as i feel its not worth the amount of energy i use fighting anxiety/panic.
I never go clothes shopping alone coz i'm so scared of panic hitting.

I hate the really big stores like tesco, homebase etc just soooo far to get to an exit once inside then the panic rises[}:)]

Im not totally housebound but i just feel so useless, i want independance yet i depend so much on my family to come places with me.

I'm 31 yet i feel scared like a child sometimes, My anxiety began when I was ten after a sudden death within my family and i feel like i will never be cured and thats scary......

22-12-06, 04:14
Hi. It sounds like you have agoraphobia which I suffer from too. I have not been out socialising at the weekend for a couple of years now and have lost a few friends because of it. I find all shops difficult. It's the queueing at the till that sets me off! I also depend on my family because I am scared to go out alone in case I have a panic attack. The only thing I enjoy doing by myself is walking my dog.
I'd just like to say that it IS worth fighting the anxiety. When I was a teenager I was completely housebound and I had to fight my panic attacks for several years in order to go out. By forcing myself into the situations I feared I was able to recover completely and was able to move to Brighton where I had a career and led an independent life. This lasted for 10 happy years. Unfortunately, I became agoraphobic again when my Dad was seriously ill in hospital and almost died. At the same time I was also diagnosed with a chronic condition and all the stress started my panic attacks off again. However, from my own past experience I know that by fighting the panic attacks I will eventually recover again. And you can too!!! :D

22-12-06, 10:04

You are not weak, its just how you feel at the moment. However, you say a very important thing in your post and thats 'I want independance' keep that real and keep saying it to yourself. You have to start believing in yourself and not give in to the 'fear' of the panic. You say you avoid places in case the panic hits but maybe it wouldn't!!
Self belief is our most powerful tool and I don't suffer with agrophobia myself so feel free to ignore me but I do recognise how much our thoughts can take over and how negativity breeds negativity. As a result the opposite is equally as powerful!! Positive thoughts and shutting out the negative ones can be amazing but it starts with self belief and recognising our strengths. Think about all the positives in your life and work on it from there.
(sorry waffling lol)

love Sax xxx

22-12-06, 10:45
NEVER say you are weak!!! Agoraphobic/panic is NOT a choice. We did not choose to be this way. However we DO have the ability/choice to change it. I personally find it VERY difficult to overcome this, some people could say i am weak and that i don't try but at one point i was "downstairsbound" in my house! I can at least now leave the house (albeit with my mum)!!!

24-12-06, 01:27
yes I simply do feel weak at the moment, I have had the last seven years feeling good its just I relapsed over the last few months an my meds stopped working. I just have to pull myself up to fight again. But boy is it a tough fight.[B)]

I'm feeling reasonable and my anxiety has dropped substantially in the past month and yes I do tend to focus on the negative.

But Blast it life is soooooo hard when you suffer from anxiety/panic/agoraphobia.. at least here I see soo many people are going through the same struggle!!! just wish there was a quick fix