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31-08-14, 19:54
wanted to start a thread as this is what I'm taking:
anyone else like to comment here

my experience is that 50mg of sertraline per day
wasn't doing much, bar a mild euphoria
however the 1st time I took quetiapine
I felt completely surrounded by cotton wool
had no persecutory thoughts or anxiety.
miraculous, if only I could feel like this all the time.
however by the next day or two the effect was hardly noticeable
so my psychiatrist has upped the dose to 100mg
which I will start tomorrow :unsure:

03-09-14, 21:41
Good luck and let us know how you do. I've only ever taken 25mg quetiapine before. It was great as a sleep aid but didn't seem to do anything for anxiety at that dosage. If I take it again I'll try more in the 150mg range.