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15-09-14, 12:05
Hi all
So I've now been on citalopram for 2 weeks and a few days. I was given amitriptyline on Wednesday to help aid sleep (panicking and not being able to sleep was one of the main reasons I went back on cit) and it was working perfectly and I've been feeling alot better. Lat night however, it didn't work and I felt back to square one.
Can anyone tell me if this is common - perhaps I'll have the odd bumpy night here and there while the citalopram starts working - or do I now need a higher dose of amitriptyline?
I am keen to look into CBT, but just want to start feeling better and stronger before I do.
Please help!

15-09-14, 14:36
I haven't been on the amitriptyline but I am on citalopram.

Just because you had one bad night do not dwell on it, the more you do the more it will affect you...... accept you had a bad night and tonight is a new night :)

15-09-14, 15:38
Thank you :) I am actually feeling a lot less anxious now towards the end of the day. Have an hour or so left of work and feel pretty chilled.

Why can't it be simple!

15-09-14, 16:14
If life was simple it would be boring........ honest :roflmao: