View Full Version : Muscle pain (neck and shoulder) possibly coming from traz?

16-09-14, 13:42
When my anxiety started up, it initially started as next to nothing. A twitch in my stomach and severe constipation that the doctors and tests put down to ibs, but one of my first doctors appointments after my first blood tests, he put me on trazodone to help me to sleep. (I was worrying myself sick at night about what I might have.) a couple of days later was when I started really noticing the stiffness in my neck and shoulder. I've read pains can be a result of the medication and I'm struggling to remember whether I had the pains before or after I started? I think my anxiety poked at it somewhat but I was able to sit in a chair etc.

I also started to get major depressive episodes. I felt the time was down to how long I'd been taking the traz and asked if I could wean off (wasn't on that high of a dose, just 50mg) and they instead upped me to 100mg. The aches and pains have gotten more severe since this and while I'm at a loss and trying to explain it with anxiety, a lot of websites say that muscle pains and shoulders and neck stiffness can be a side effect. I'm going to tell my doctor again that I'd like to taper off and then start something different after w/d is over, but I was just curious to see if anyone else has had this problem whilst on the medication?

Feels like I've just gotten worse and worse since on it.

mr benn
17-09-14, 19:16
Neck and shoulders being tight are classic stress and tension ailments. People get them who don't suffer from Anxiety. I get them in short bursts. So don't worry its the tablets, it almost certainly isn't. Try some of the muscle relaxing tapes on youtube. They help me. Or get your boyfriend, or somebody , to give you a nice neck and shoulder massage. Even pay for one as a treat once in a while.

And you've broken a golden rule ...", a lot of websites ". Don't go searching for tips on the drugs. Speak to your doctor. You will only end up reading something that somebody who has no medical expertise will write and it could be so wrong. Remember the majority of people posting about tablets will be those suffering some form of pain , or believing its tablet related.