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30-12-06, 14:08
Anyone had this for general anxiety? On it's own? I asked my doctor about it but she didn't have a clue about it (she recommended kalms [Sigh...]), she told me to ask the psychiatrist about it. I am seeing him on the 5th Jan so I plan to ask him then. Just wondered if any of you have had any experience with it?
I've tried various SSRI's and don't plan to try anymore, buspar is the only tranquiliser you can get that isn't addictive so that is why it appeals.

Nel xxx

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30-12-06, 14:48
i know someone who takes takes buspar on an as needed basis when they have anxiety. dont know about for general anxiety though...im sure the psychiatrist will know...its a shame that general practicioners seem to be so unknowledgeable these days!!


30-12-06, 15:42
hi nel

i was put on buspar about 6 weeks ago as my anxiety had rocketed again - its only really for short term use though to see me through the xmas period and now ive started new classes at hospital im hoping they will be reduced soon.

ive been fine on them and they have made a HUGE difference. But i also still take my anti deps.

When i went to the psychiatrist he offered me diazapam again but i refused and buspar are not so addictive - they not really tranquilisers but anti-anxiety drugs. they are more effective taken on a regular basis and not just when needed.

Hope this has helped. They also do not contain a sedative.


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