View Full Version : Mri today omggggg!

05-10-14, 07:44
I have my mri in an hour for the symptoms I've been experiencing constant for the last 12 weeks.

Constant lightheadnessness 24/7. Headaches. Sickness. Muscle weakness. And just generally feeling spaced out!

Mri is today as referred by the neurologist on the 13th sept. I am so worked up. I don't think I can go through with it I can't do confined spaces I feel so out of control and the noise omg! I'm super noise sensitive when anxious. I was prescribed 5mg of diazepam to keep my nerves at bay and took half now and will take the other on my way to the scan. Still feel no different. I'm just praying I can get through this or I'm never gonna know what's going on. My neurologist thinks it's my sinuses or migraines x

05-10-14, 09:24
Good luck!! When do u get your results? X

05-10-14, 09:49
I had a brain and neck mri scan this morning and felt fine inside the scan but as soon as I got out I felt very fuzzy and lightheaded. Since I've got home and ate ect it's not gone I feel so fuzzy and spaced out and don't want to stand up! Is this common? I didn't know mri's gave side effects!

05-10-14, 10:15
I've had 2 mri's which I found difficult to get through but survived! Never noticed any side effects afterwards. Hope you feel better soon.

05-10-14, 15:29
Probably a co-incidence to be honest.

05-10-14, 16:55
Pretty sure and MRI can't give any side effects because they use magnets. Unlike the usual scans which use radiation. The obvious culprit would be you worrying about the results :)

05-10-14, 17:18
I thought I read another thread where you said you had diazepam to help with the MRI. I would guess this is your culprit, honestly, along with worrying.

05-10-14, 20:21
Good reminder! I thought u took 5mg before and 5mg during? X

05-10-14, 20:58

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05-10-14, 22:11
My daughter recently had an MRI with no side effects. It is most likely a combination of the diazepam and you getting so anxious about it. :hugs:

06-10-14, 08:55
Must of been diazepan as I feel ok today other than the symptoms I've been having for the scan to be refferred. Said a week to two weeks for the results so just a waiting game now, not really anxious about it just want to have some answers to why I've been feeling the way I have for so long. Definitely won't want an mri in a rush though I had to keep a blindfold on as I freaked out when I saw how confined I was x