View Full Version : nerve pain

06-10-14, 17:39
hi. i've been prescribed amitriptyline for nerve pain that i've been getting up and down my right hand side. does anyone else have experience with this and wish to share? will i be on it forever?

07-11-14, 09:20
Is it all the way up or is it just the lower half? If the lower half, could it be sciatica? If all the way has the GP said its neuropathic pain or something as there are various anti depressants that are prescribed for this?

20-11-14, 20:04
Has it helped the pain lilol?? I have a back condition and was finding it hard to sleep. I was prescribed amitriptyline for sleep and it does help. I stopped it last month for a while as was being swapped from citalopram to mirtazapine and I really found it difficult to sleep. Am now back on the amitriptyline and am starting to sleep better again.