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30-12-06, 22:36
I'm on 150mg of Lustral a day to deal with anxiety and depression. I've been on this increased dose for about 3 months now following a bit of a meltdown, before that I was on 100mg per day for about a year and a half.

In all the posts I've read on here regarding Sertraline mine is the highest dose. This concerns me slightly; simply because it puts my mind into overdrive. Is anyone else on the same dose?

The aching muscles are barable as I've always suffered from stiffness in my bones I guess due to me avoiding exercise wherever possible, the dizzy spells however are a different matter entirely. I have them virtaully everytime I close my eyes, move my head or get up of a chair. Has anyone else experienced them to this degree? Did it pass in time or has it been a lasting side-effect?

Any light shed on this would be gratefully received.

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31-12-06, 12:39
I've been on sertraline myself but only for 4 weeks, it didn't agree with me at all.
I don't think side effects from upping a dose should last 3 months to be honest, especially when you've been on the med for a year and a half prior. I would speak to your doctor about it (although I imagine they will tell you to keep taking it). It is your choice at the end of the day, whether or not you feel that the benefits you get from them outweigh the side effects. If you do come off a med, you have to do it gradually and that is definately something you need to discuss with the doc. Good luck x

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14-03-07, 03:50
Hi, I am currently on 200mg Setraline daily so your dose isn't as high as you think. I too am on it for depression and anxiety but it isn't working so my psychiatrist is tapering me off it and wants me to go back on Lexapro or Effexor. A low dose of Quetiapine helps the withdrawal from the Setraline.
Take care.

14-03-07, 15:36
I am currently taking 150mg for ocd,depression & anxiety. I find it really good for the depression and anxiety but it barely helps my ocd. think I will have to increase me dose again! the only annoying side effects i get is the need to grind my teeth and the worse one is like restless legs when im resting or trying to go to sleep. so annoying the jerking of my legs even wakes me up when im asleep!