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08-10-14, 18:38

I have been on income related ESA WRAG for almost 2 years (this December). I am now being told that in December I will have to go to job center? I have been trying to search online for more info regarding this but it seems there is very little information and what information there is, it seems based on JSA? I suffer from Asperger's (have about 7 different medical assessment reports from different doctors), depression and anxiety and have severe troubles going outside / meeting new people / public places / social interaction etc... I have been seeing people online say how they were put into a Community Work Placement program and stuff like this which would simply not be possible for me. What options are there for me? Am I able to simply re-apply for ESA and attend another assessment? Or request a reassessment? Just not sure what to-do, like I said my WRAG doesn't finish until December so I still have a little breathing space to work out how to proceed. Just don't think I could cope with the JSA experience again, being forced to attend interviews with people I don't know in public places with lots of unknown people around, being forced to-do some kind of community service etc???

Since I was first placed into WRAG I have had another 6 medical assessments from different medical professionals and the new reports I have all say the same thing (just in far more detail) as the initial report supplied for my initial ESA claim. Can these be used for a consideration of a reassessment?

Any help is much appreciated as really confused as what to do and what would be expected if I have to go to Job center in December?

10-10-14, 13:59
If the reports have said that your not able to work I don't understand why your in the work related activity group rather than the support group. (2 different types of ESA)
it might be worth getting in touch with citizens advice or seeing if there is a local charity that provide help with benefit claims.