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15-10-14, 09:04
My male cat has recently been experiencing some blood in his stools. This has happened on 3 consecutive times. We have rang the vets who advised us to try him on a bland diet (white fish, chicken, eggs, pasta, rice) as it could be diet related (I bought a knew dried food on Friday but they only have 1/2 bowl of dried food twice a day between all 3 of them).
They also said to worm him as it could be this which we will do today.
He seems ok I think he is a little quiet but my partner disagrees but I am starting to get worried. He is 3 years old so not old, and he is an indoor cat so it cannot be rat poison (he was outside when we were getting a new boiler put in as the workmen left the door open but that was almost 2 weeks ago).
Basically, the Vets didn't seem concerned but I'm worried that if we wait a few days it could get worse if it was a serious problem. Any advice, past experiences?

15-10-14, 11:01
I think you are right to be worried. I had 2 cats both died young 1 1/2 and 4 1/2 who at first the vets thought nothing much wrong and sent me home with cat. Cats had to be re admitted and both died a short time later. I think they don't know when a pet is seriously ill a lot of the time and some things just get the cat and theres nothing that can be done.

Id take your cat back if yo can and let them do further checks and investigations, have you insurance for your cat?

15-10-14, 11:17
Hi there. My cat had the same thing about 2 years ago. He was about 7 years old. It turned out to be his diet. I had to give him special food from the vets which was light and for sensitive digestion. He has been ok since but I am careful what I feed him. He is a bengal cat and he can't tolerate rich food. He used to be an indoor cat but I had started letting him out and i too was worried he had been poisoned or something outside. I am surprised your vet hasn't asked to see u and recommended some food for you to try. I would say try not to worry, in my cats case everything turned out ok but as I said I changed his diet and i think I had to give him antibiotics aswell. My cat was also being sick with blood. Horrible. He's good now tho. I hope u manage to sort it

15-10-14, 12:15
Thanks for the replies. LucyR my vets is free due to me getting housing benefit and you can't just show up you need an appointment. I called them again this morning as I am impatient and they said it could take 2 to 3 days for his stomach to settle and providing he doesn't go off food or vomit he doesn't need an appointment. Are there any other signs to look out for?
Thanks Sands that's made me feel a little better. I thought they'd want him for a checkup at least but they won't book the appointment until I try a bland diet (none of our 3 will eat the scrambled egg haha).

15-10-14, 12:20
Forgot to say too, I asked my vet at the time if I could give him tuna or chicken breast cos he wasn't too keen on their food thinking that would be bland enough but they said it was too rich. I can't remember what the make of the food was called but they sold it in the vets. I personally would go and get some and ask. After a month he was back on his normal diet

15-10-14, 12:25
Wow really? I'll be so upset if this is caused.off me buying a new dry food :-(
We honestly only have 20 until my partner gets paid on Friday and I have to buy wormer out of that (and we're gonna have to keep 7 to one side in case we have to get bus to vets) so we couldn't afford any other food at the moment as we need 2 days worth of packed lunches and two days worth of food for my partner and I (we have.plenty of spaghetti and chicken dippers for my daughter).
We only have Felix as good as it looks it the house and Asda brand dry food and Feline Fayre (the new one I tried). We also bought chicken, rice and eggs for them this morning.

15-10-14, 12:58
I know it's hard and I think the food I had to buy was really expensive about 10 pound a box for 8 sachets. It was good tho and it helped. It sounds like my cat had it worse anyway cos he was passing a lot of blood from both ends! I wouldn't give him the dried food cos it may well be that. Hope he/she feels better soon x

15-10-14, 15:15
I have a Bengal too and his poo's are often very soft and occasionally have blood in. The vet has checked him over and he is fine I also took a bag of his poo for the vet to check :). He just has a sensitive tummy. He seems better with the dry food than the wet food. He is otherwise healthy and well so not worried about it

15-10-14, 16:10
Wow that is expensive! I'm going to throw the Feline Fayre away and I will just wait and see what the vet says about anymore dry food. We have given them so many different types of food over the 3 years we have had them (the youngest is almost 2), felix, whiskers, iams, sheba, indoor, neutered, anti furball and nothing had bothered them before so that makes me a little uneasy but I'm sure if it sounded serious the vets would have made an immediate appointment. They wouldn't touch the rice!! So I've given them some white fish and the cat in question ate all his and a little of our youngest yaaaay! I hope it's just that dried stuff. From now on I'm going to stick to the same foods unless it gets discontinued

15-10-14, 18:23
My burmese likes feline fayre and sheba and royal canin and gourmet gold and pro plan, he tends to like expensive food though, does not like whiskas. He likes dried food and has that alongside his wet food. You have to watch for not eating and vomiting and hiding in corners and not moving much.

15-10-14, 20:22
Thanks for that I'll keep an eye on him. They've all ate some chicken and I'll give them some more fish before bedtime.
We're hoping he goes to the litter soon so we can keep a check although the vet said we may see some blood for a few days after the bland diet until his stomach settles down.

19-10-14, 15:21
My cat finally had a clear poo today :-)
WE had them on the bland diet for just over 2 days and none of them had a poo so I returned to their original food (as good as it looks, I will bin the Feline Fayre) and 2 had a poo last night and the one who had blood in his stools has just had a clear one I am over the moon and from now on will stick to the same brands as the vets said he could also have had a poorly stomach for a few days because of it so I feel guilty for that!
There's one good thing that happened this week! Althoughy partner got bitten whilst trying to cage.one of.our cats when the workmen came on Thursday and he got a nasty infection and needed a tetanus! Eventful week. Thanks again for the advice guys

20-10-14, 14:57
I rang the vets today and they said to still take him in tomorrow just to be checked as he appears a little groggy to me (although my partner insists he isn't). Either way it's free so would be silly not to take him. The vet said they'll weigh him too as hes been feeling a bit heavy lately!
Hope he's ok as I do really think he looks sleepy but could just be me. Either way I'll find out tomorrow. Not giving them dried food until the vet says itshl fine.

22-10-14, 09:16
Been to vets cat appears to be perfectly healthy (although he is 12.7lbs). He said it will have been change of diet and unless it gets worse it's nothing to worry about!

23-10-14, 06:55
Thats great new KeeKee!

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My burmese likes feline fayre and sheba and royal canin and gourmet gold and pro plan, he tends to like expensive food though, does not like whiskas. He likes dried food and has that alongside his wet food. You have to watch for not eating and vomiting and hiding in corners and not moving much.

I've got a dog but he absolutely loves Royal Canin. Our vet says it one of the best.

We always had issues with him eating dry food. Sometimes he was ok, but he seemed to get bored of it. At times he wanted to be hand fed, I guess as a play thing and for attention.

I saw the Royal Canin breed specific stuff and knew that my Shih Tzu was a breed that could be picky, so thought I would try it. He loved it! Ever since he stopped those habits and has happily eaten it, often having a quick much whilst playing. It must be 6 years now and he still loves it. Great stuff!!!

23-10-14, 12:52
We got a free trial of Royal Canin a few months back, seemed decent although we couldn't afford it at for moment especially not for 3 cats bless them.
Any advice on how much to feed them? We have a 12.7lb 3 year old male, around a 10lb 3 year old female (both neutered) and around a 5lb (soon to be neutered) almost 2 year old female. They all eat about the same and it's going to be difficult feeding our skinny one more than the others but she is at the vets tomorrow getting assessed for neutering so hopefully in a few months shell be spayed and will gain weight like those 2 did so we can feed them all the same.
We give them As Good as it Looks sachets and we used to feed them either indoor or neutered dried food but the vet said they don't need dried food although it does help with their teeth (and our boy had early.signs of gingivitis).
I was thinking 2 sachets a day each and half a bowl of dried food between them on a night?
The vet also said it's virtually impossible to clean a cats teeth so and advice on early gingivitis?