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17-10-14, 17:30
Hi there,
I had a ECG yesterday after registering at a new surgery and having raised blood pressure and pulse rate (I believe because of my anxiety I get when I visit Doctor etc.)

The ECG was done quickly, and she ripped off the graph and said it would take a couple of weeks to get to GP and I would have to make an appointment with my GP for a couple of weeks to chat about results.
I found myself over analysing everyting, the nurse and the student doctor who ws there training were quite chatty before they did it, but when they did it they just ripped it off and said to make an appointment for 2 weeks time.
Kinda worrying now waiting to see what happens.

21-10-14, 15:53

Stil not heard, feeling really anxious :(

21-10-14, 20:08
a lot of peoples blood pressure goes up at the doctors my husbands goes sky high hes had to wear a 24 hour monitor for is blood pressure because of it an all was fine im sure your ecg will come back ok i no its hard but try not to stress :)

22-10-14, 15:40
Thanks Lisa.

22-10-14, 16:00
Hi don't worry, Dr will look at it and you will hear within 48 hours if there is a problem and to be honest they can tell and would have called in the Dr if there was a problem, as for bp how high was it.

22-10-14, 17:00
BP was 160 I think and pulse went over 100.
Had ECG done last Thursday (15th) and not heard anything since.

22-10-14, 17:14
My bp goes 160 plus over 90 when I'm stressed/anxious and heart rate bumps up to 160, please don't worry they would have rung you by now, if you need a definitive answer ring your drs and ask for results, then you can stop worrying x

22-10-14, 17:38
ring up see if results are back i had blood tests last week phoned up tuesday result were back an ive got to see the doctor over them tomorrow im terrified so no how you feel i can reassure other ppl but i cant stop panicking myself :weep:

22-10-14, 17:59
Lisa I had bloods done week before last at hospital, they faxed results through to Dr seems I have a raised gamma level (liver) is 3 times normal level so he thought I drank, noooo I don't have more than a glass a fortnight, even low or high anything can drs appointments, could even be that because your Dr knows you suffer with ha he wants to reassure you instead of just receptionist saying all OK.
When you going.

22-10-14, 18:04
i go tomorrow no something came back on them receptionist said it was nothing to worry about but i cant help it i had a blood test for palpitations im hoping its came back im anemic that would explain the palps i dont have ha i was agoraphobic but ive been recovered for over a year but these palpitations have flared up anxity x

22-10-14, 18:39
Thanks for the reassurance . Let us know how you get on Lisa.

22-10-14, 18:59
Will do geox

23-10-14, 10:31
just been the doctors ive got an underactive thyroid so started meds today hey oh its not the end of the world could of been worse :)

23-10-14, 15:11
Cool, and at least now you know what it is.

23-10-14, 16:02
Exactly I feel like rubbish right now an I'm struggling to stay awake all the time I haven't been the gym for 3 weeks an that's not like me so hoping once they get the dosage right I will start feeling better .