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17-10-14, 21:50
Hi guys
Is atenolol safe for anxiety? I have terrible health anxiety and emetophobia, and am so terrified of being sick that um too scared to take any medication unless I get side effects.

My doctors said that I should start on half a 25mg tablet

What are your experiences of atenolol?

25-10-14, 18:45
I was on it for years on and off. I think it's supposed to be better as a daily drug than propranolol.

Unfortunately the last time I was on them after a break of a few years I got a very slight shortness of breath, same as I did with propranolol, which put me off. Only noticed that when doing anything reasonably strenuous though.

It certainly brought my heartrate down, to an amount that had me slightly concerned (56 bpm) but I read up on the subject and that's at the lower end of fine apparently.

I'm not trying to put you off, as I said, I was on these for years and they were great - it's just after a long break from them the side-effects were slightly different, hence I stopped taking them

Good luck.

26-03-15, 22:25
Propranolol is for stage fright and hand shakes. I believe it works better than Atenolol which I take for blood pressure. twelve and a half mg twice a day. It doesn't seem to do anything for anxiety.


25-11-18, 03:04
Atenolol is mainly used for Hypertension, to treat arrhythmias And given as part of a package of drugs after a heart attack.

Propranolol which is also a beta blocker, is known to be used for anxiety symptoms. It is licensed in the UK to be prescribed to treat the physical symptoms of anxiety such as sweating, tremor and fast heart rate.