View Full Version : It was kind of gone, now it's kind of back

24-10-14, 15:31
Hi all,

I am new here. I have just realised that my agoraphobia, which was the bane of my life in my teens and twenties is making a come back.

Here's my situation. I have a long term illness which prevents me from having a 9 to 5 job, so I started working from home over 10 years ago and I get on with that fine. I have been able to go out when I really have to, on my own, but I find it a little daunting, I am ok with company now, but I used to have major panics when I was younger, even when I went out with someone - which is why it was kind of gone.

Now, part of my business was offered a spot in a shared shop in town, which means it will give my business more exposure and more income, so that's great. I only have to contribute a few hours a week, I am looking forward to it. But when I think about it, that old feeling comes back, I feel that tingling, throat tightening, I feel dizzy and numb. I know I won't be alone but I have been getting so comfy working in my own little bubble. Now I have to go out there, I want to do this but I am also scared. Will it get better once I've taken the plunge? I am hoping that going every week will help things get easier, maybe the bad feelings and the fear will go away? I worry I will make excuses not to go and I hate feeling like this, I don't want this to control me and stop me.

24-10-14, 20:11
I do this. Worry about things that have even happened yet. I am trying to control this by not worrying about stuff that is beyond my control. There's plenty of current stuff to stress out about in daily Life. And, I have found out that you can not plan your future. Let things flow naturally and take one day at a time. If you take the plunge, you know you have the fallback; (safety net), and if you don't try, you will always be wondering with the 'what Ifs' and that will drive you Mad. Be cautious and take things slowly with that safety net behind you and you will be ok. :)

24-10-14, 20:55
Yeah you're right, but I found out about this yesterday and I have to get things ready for setting up on Monday. It seems really sudden like I don't get much time to prepare myself mentally and if I start thinking about it, I feel all weird. and it's annoying because I know that people without agoraphobia don't even think that way. I didn't think that way for ages, but I think that living in my own bubble most the time, on my own has not done me favours in that respect. I hope that things will go fine, they will I am sure. i will try and get some coping strategies into place, take small steps.

27-10-14, 14:57
ha! Well I went out and set up my stuff, all on my own, and it went fine, I didn't even get a hint of anxiety :) I think the anticipation can be worse than the actual going to do things sometimes. :D

28-10-14, 06:11
Out of interest what do you do from home?

28-10-14, 09:22
I have an online shop. so I run the whole thing from home. But now I have the little outlet on the high street too.

30-10-14, 03:54
Oh well done you on doing that :) x