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24-10-14, 22:34
I'm surprised there are so few mentions of buspirone and no sub-forum considering it's actually licenced for GAD, like pregabalin (i.e. not an anti-depressant). I can only assume GPs aren't too aware of it.

I was on amitriptyline for a year but eventually the sexual side effects wore me down. I've been off them for 10 days now, and all has returned to normal(!) but unfortunately so has my anxiety. It's as bad as it was before I took amit, but I couldn't take the buspirone mid-week as we're too busy at work and I was wary of bad side-effects. Hence the reason I've just taken my first on a Friday night.

If it works, great, but the down-side is that it's only licenced for short-term use, although the definition of short isn't given. However as the PIL states that it can take up to 3 weeks to take effect I suggest short-term is months rather than the days it would be for benzos.

Hello to everyone who has joined me on the drug "journey" through the amitriptyline, mirtazapine, duloxetine and pregabalin sub-forums.

Hope everyone's doing OK. All the best.


24-10-14, 22:41
I can create a sub-forum for it Mark if that helps

25-10-14, 15:09
Thanks Nicola, didn't really mean to drop a hint :) Especially after you were good enough to set an amitriptyline one up for me (I expect to go back on them as buspirone isn't long term - might be able to alternate between the 2 if it works out).

My point was that if buspirone was more popular no doubt there'd be lots of posts here and therefore it would have it's own sub-forum. I only just came across the drug recently.

That said, a sub-forum would be nice and very welcome, I just wouldn't want to waste you time if it's not a popular subject.

Any decision you make I'd be happy with :)

All the best.


25-10-14, 15:25
There are quite a few posts on it so I will create one and move the posts there so you can read them Mark

25-10-14, 18:37
Thanks, Nicola, that's much appreciated :yesyes::flowers:

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So, took my first tablet last night, didn't sleep great but OK.

Took another this afternoon (it's 2x5mg at the moment).

Start up side-effects, mild brain zaps, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness - the usual suspects, but none of them too major.

I was feeling awful yesterday after 10 days off amit, the anxiety hit hard, but feeling much better today. Not great but better.

Hoping for good things from this drug.

25-10-14, 23:26
Wonder whether this can be taken with venlafaxine, which I'm currently on? Be interested to hear how you get on because I've heard about this med but have no experience with it.

Wish you success.

31-10-14, 08:14
Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear about the side effects of amitriptyline. I hope buspirone works for you. I think if it works out you can probably take it indefinitely - there just isn't the fear of addiction that bedevils benzodiazepines.

Also, I think the UK is similar to Australia in that a doctor can prescribe a medicine with reasonable justification outside its licencing guidelines, but then the patient must bear the full cost, which can be quite reasonable once the medicine is off-patent.

31-10-14, 22:20
Thanks hanshan

Unfortunately I've now had to come off it, I only lasted 5 days. While some side effects were better than the previous drug, some were worse - I was so tired, dizzy and nauseous. I had to stay off work yesterday.

Since coming off amit, my anxiety rebounded with a vengeance, obsessions, paranoia etc. It may have only been 5 days of buspirone but I was off amit for 9 days, so that's 2 weeks my wife has had to put up with me. I felt it wasn't worth seeing if I came out OK the other side considering it's not a long term drug.

So I went straight back on amitriptyline yesterday and feel better for it already.

This is the best drug I've been on and the most stable for me (I was up and down on pregabalin as you know). I just wanted to know if there was a drug that would help as much without the side-effects.

Apparently not yet :)

For the 9 days I was off amit (and therefore just taking mrtazapine which just helps me sleep, nothing more) it reminded me just how bad I felt without it. After 14 months on it I'd almost forgotten how bad I was before. Now I remember, so some good came of it :)

I think buspirone may work well for other people, I just couldn't cope with the side-effects and the high anxiety.


01-11-14, 01:58
Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear that buspirone was not working plus side effects, but it's good to know that you do have something that works, despite side effects. I'm still on pregabalin and mirtazapine, which is the best deal that I've ever found for me, though I have to balance it against side effects - feeling weak and wobbly, particularly if I am standing or walking for over an hour (and I have to teach 90 minute classes!).

There are a couple of promising new anxiety drugs making their way through trials at the moment, but it will still be a few years before they are available if they are approved and licensed. Even then, they will probably be expensive and even more years before doctors are comfortable prescribing them.

01-11-14, 10:00
Sorry it didnt work for you Mark. Hope the Amit works better this time. matbe a reduced dose to reduce SE's?:blush:

01-11-14, 12:22
Oh dear. Thought it was meant to help anxiety, not cause it :lac:

02-11-14, 15:40
Oh dear. Thought it was meant to help anxiety, not cause it :lac:
It didn't cause it. Coming off the amitriptyline caused the anxiety to come back, it's just that the buspirone didn't help, not in the short term anyway. Feel much better back on the amit.

Maybe it's too much to expect an AD or anxiolytic that actually helps, without troublesome side effects, but i'll keep looking ;)

02-11-14, 15:59
Oh well... At least we got a new sub-forum out of it ;)