View Full Version : Question about Olanzapine

09-11-14, 22:59
guys, im just wondering if olanzapine can only be prescribed by a specialist eg pshycritrist and not gp?

10-11-14, 20:43
A gp can prescribe this medication, although i imagine only doctors with good knowledge of this medication will do it.

10-11-14, 20:51
My gp prescribes it and understands it's uses well,all they have to do is look it up on the nhs website !

11-11-14, 19:53
Yeah, then they get scared of the possible side effects and deny you access to the drug.
If a doctor has a preconceived idea about what a drug is like, no NHS website or BNF book will help. Trust me, ive had it first hand!

11-11-14, 20:03
If your doctors no good change them and find one that suits you