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04-01-07, 14:17
has anyone been prescribed any specific anti anxiety medication like this ?

I am taking a low dose anti psychotic at the moment , next step will be buspar or klonapin

04-01-07, 16:02
Hi Frankie,
Yes, I was prescribed Buspar for a short time when I started suffering from severe GAD back in March. I took 10mg a day alongside seroxat. It has a mild sedative effect, but unlike diazepam, is non-addictive and doesn't come with the horrible side effect of making you feel like a zombie. I had no withdrawal probs when I switched from seroxat to cymbalta, but it takes about 4 weeks to really kick in. I had been taking propanalol, which is more for the physical side of anxiety ie panic attacks, but I found Buspar helped with both the physical and the mental.
All the best,

04-01-07, 16:48
thank you sarah

04-01-07, 17:21
Hi - I was put on Buspirone (Buspar) around 2 months ago, running alongside Mirtazapine. The idea was that the Buspirone helped out my anxiety levels during the day, as I was suffering anxiety prety much from when I got up.

My initial dose was 5mg twice daily, and I didn't feel any immediate effect from this dose at all. My GP increased the dose to 10mg twice or even three times a day if needed. I stopped taking it during the Christmas period because it made me feel like my head was lifting. Difficult to actually describe, but I could feel it in my head and I didn't like the feeling. It didn't make me less anxious, it just gave me one more thing to think about.

I'll be seeing my GP again tomorrow (with the proviso I can wake myself early enough - side effects of the Mirtazapine), and hopefully discussing alternate treatments.

Having said all that I've been through quite a few different medicines, and none really seem to work well for me, or work in the way I would like. What works well for one, doesn't neccessarily work well for all so certainly worth a try.


04-01-07, 20:01
thank you both very much

09-01-07, 19:27
Hi Frankie,

I take a very low dose of Klonopin along with Paxil. My dose of Klonopin is 1 mg a day and I cut it up in quarters. It helps alot with my anxiety as well as the Paxil. I think you all call it Seroxat. I know it can be addictive but I have been on it for over a year and have felt no need to increase the dosage. I have never tried buspar. If you need any other questions answered regarding this med, please pm me.


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