View Full Version : Help please worried 24yr old girl with severe chest pains had a ECG....

17-11-14, 01:56
Hi I'm Emma I'm 24 I'm 5 ft 2 and weight is 1118lbs I have a addiction to codeine phosphate 30mg I only take pure codeine. I have been having bad chest pains all day wich are in my left top side of chest and a dull ache down my left arm, so I called the ambulance they done a ECG and BP and temputure everything was normal so I'm back in bed now and it's still happening? I'm really worried I do suffer with severe anxiety so could it be that? Please help P.s one last question, when the paramedics did my ECG they only put the wires on my wrists and ankles, never told me to sit still was talking to me while taking ECG my question is will they still get a accurate reading of this ECG? Did they do it properly?

21-12-14, 09:34
Anxiety can definitely cause these pains as can some other less benign issues. Is there any pain when you press on your chest anywhere? The doctors tell me I have costochondritis (chest wall pain) which causes my own chest pains, but I don't know. I am a little older than you at 29 and much bigger, but seems to me you seem pretty healthy based on what you've said. It really could be anxiety or stress even that causes this.. I don't know about the codeine if it can cause any of those issues.

Whatever the case, I wish you luck and hope you are feeling better. :)