View Full Version : Really struggling at 36 weeks

25-11-14, 22:16
I haven't been on here in quite a while as I had been coping with the anxiety after the dreadful Fluoxetine incident but I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and suddenly really struggling. It started off mildly on Friday and has progressively got worse over the last few days. I feel on edge, jittery and just generally anxious all the time. OH goes to work and I'm alone all day which I absolutely hate.
I constantly have this overwhelming feeling that something is wrong and that I don't want to have the baby which is a bit late now! This baby is very much longed for and wanted but I'm terrified.
I broke down yesterday and told OH about my fears I will end up with PND and try to hurt the baby. I'm scared about being left alone with him/her.
I'm really hoping these feelings are just being caused by a change in hormones as I get closer to labour and that they'll die back down again soon.
I've been thinking about going to stay with family for a bit until I feel a bit better but I'm worried about what OH will think.
Sorry for rambling!