View Full Version : Do head MRIs look at all of brain?

26-11-14, 23:11
I had an MRI of my head back in 2011 because I had one-sided tinnitus. The scan showed an incidental finding in the base of my head and I had to have another MRI of my neck to confirm findings. It was a scary time, but it was something called a hemangioma which was completely benign and just a finding that had probably been there since birth.

Anyway, I am having some new fears and I was wondering if an MRI looking at causes of tinnitus would have picked up a brain tumour? Do brain MRI scans look at just part of the brain or would it cover all? I ask because some of the symptoms I'm having now were there before my MRI.


blue moon
27-11-14, 05:54
Yes MRI covers all areas of brain and head:D

27-11-14, 10:00
Thanks Blue moon:)

I'd read somewhere that Brain MRIs are done with all sorts of different protocols. E.g An MRI looking at tinnitus focuses on the ear. That's why I was worried - up until that point I had reassured myself that my brain looked fine on MRI, then I read what I did and thought I could no longer rely on that.

Sarah x