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02-12-14, 19:33
Hi, this is my first post here and am looking for a bit of reassurance in terms of my recent flare up of symptoms that I've never had before. (I'm 18 if this helps at all)

I've been suffering with anxiety for a few years now, It's never been terrible up until around 4 weeks ago; I had an eye problem that made me lose sight in my eyes for a few hours and freaked me out an insane amount, I had a retina scan and it was just put down to a migraine as nothing was found.
I was still very scared and started to notice eye floaters etc that I've probably had all my life but have only just noticed after becoming VERY concious about it.

Since this eye problem I've been becoming very worried about my health and have recently been having a number of systems related to MS/ALS or they could just be anxiety.

These symptoms I'm currently having are:
Muscle shaking (always had a shaky hand and head, but never my whole body, when sitting I notice legs randomly spasming, no pain just them moving a bit)
Bubbling/popping under the skin, feels like air bubbles moving around body. (most annoying thing to come up over the last few weeks)
Achy arms, usually one arm at a time is achy
Feeling of a lump in throat
Rumbling stomach
Loss of appetite
Heartbeat racing/feel it beating out of my chest

I think that these can all be associated with anxiety, and I've been VERY health concious and anxious over the past 3-4 weeks so I assume this is just it. Just looking for a bit of reassurance. I'm most anxious about a motor neurone or muscle illness as it's one of my main phobias, not being able to control my body, and having people watch over me all the time is something I'm terrified of.

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Been unfortunately consulting a bit of Dr Google again, and browsing other related ALS/MS threads on this amazing website. My legs twitching and moving could easily just be a bit of restless leg syndrome which eases my nerves a bit, I also looked up the difference between twitches and spasms, spasms seem to be intense pain and cramping, I sometimes get pain but it doesn't feel like crap so I'm happy about that.

Anyone else got any ideas? Is this textbook anxiety? One thing I am still worried about is the bubbling and moving of water feeling under my skin that I'm yet to find out about.

Thanks in advance.

02-12-14, 19:59
Do you take any meds - antidepressants or betablockers etc? They can sometimes add to these symptoms. However, all your symptoms sound benign to me. Very likely to be physical signs of anxiety and an over-sensitive nervous system.

I would recommend Dr Claire Weekes' self-help books and CBT.

02-12-14, 20:17
I have never taken any medication of any kind in terms of a regular basis, nothing like anti depressants or anti anxiety meds. Glad they all seem to sound benign though.