View Full Version : Tricho? Hair Pulling?

06-01-07, 08:52
Hi there! m just wondering if anyone else suffers from Trichtillomania (manic hair pulling) as a compulsion of OCD?
Be great to hear from someone else so I dont feel so alone lol, or anyone wanting to make friends actually[8D]
Take care all! Oh and happy new year....

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06-01-07, 10:38
I don't but was watching a prog about Life Coaching where one of the clients was a hair puller with pretty devastating results. She was referred away from the life coaches as they were unable to help her specific issues.

In the past I have come across people who have suffered from this, but at the time I didn't fully understand the illness. It would be interesting ti hear your thoughts and those of anyone else.


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06-01-07, 17:25
had a kid in my class once who pulled her hair out. she had a severly disabled twin sister who she shared a room with and she was really anxious. thought it was alopaecia at beginning. She now has a very healthy heaD OF HAIR!!