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13-12-14, 20:42
can I just ask - I fortunately have private health care. can a GP request a colonoscopy without going to see a gasto consultant first? am desperate to get it done. Worried sick

13-12-14, 20:48
. I think the GP will refer you to a specialist and then the specialist will decide what tests to do. I'm not sure a GP can specifically request one.

13-12-14, 21:06
As Wabbit said, you will probably have to see a private gastroenterologist first who will then arrange the colonscopy. I am having a similar situation with my Dad. He needs s scan of his shoulder, but if he wants it down privately (as the fantastic NHS are buggering him around and taking ages) he would have to see the orthopaedic consultant first.

06-02-15, 16:36
Hi Susie,

I had a flexi sig last year through BUPA and had to see a gastroenterologist beforehand x