View Full Version : nortriptyline - experiences needed!

17-12-14, 10:55
My neurologist prescribed nortriptyline to me, 10mg each night. It was prescribed to treat migraines with the added possibility of helping my IBS, insomnia, anxiety, and panic disorder.

I'm TERRIFIED of taking medications. I know this is a low dose but I am also quite tiny, and I want to start it so I can get over any side effects before I start up at uni again in a few weeks.

I just need that final push to take it I guess. I wouldve split it and taken half for 2 days and then took the full dose but it came in a capsule so I wouldn't know how.

Any experiences would be appreciated! In the meantime I am scrolling through the forum to find threads on this.

Thanks x

27-05-17, 20:44
Hi, I am back to update this thread!

I ended up taking the nortriptyline 10mg each night. Guess what - I am still on it 2.5 years later!

It has helped my IBS tremendously, and my migraines! Bonus - it even helps my dizziness! It has had a huge affect on my overall feeling and has been one of the biggest helps to lowering my anxiety.

I did have some unpleasant side effects for the first month (nothing serious, just unpleasant). After that - i've been side effect free :)

If you come across the thread because you've been prescribed nortriptytline, feel free to PM me with any questions.