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07-01-07, 23:02
Recently been prescribed Olanzapine 10mg a day, but read that they are a antiphyschotic drug, i'm also on diazepam 10mg a day, & venlafaxine 2x 37,5mg a day, 1 in morning & 1 at night. Sum of the thoughts of suicide & slef harm are going & i'm starting to feel better, but my anxiety now seems to be getting worse.

10-01-07, 10:23
Hi Craig

Why are you on venlafaxine twice a day? If you've been given the med for anxiety and depression you should be on the extended release version that you take once daily.

How long have you been on the Diazepam. Its possible you've become tolerant to the 10mg and this can cause rebound anxiety

10-01-07, 18:33
ive been on these meds now for about 3 weeks, at the moment my mood is like waves in the ocean, one minute i'm really happy like wanna do stuff the next minute i feel like I want to kill myself. My concentration is'nt to good either at the moment.

11-01-07, 18:16
I was prescribed olanzapine to help with my anxiety, was put up to 15 mg daily. Doc seemed to notice a difference but i did not but i was looking for my physical symptoms to go away allaround my head and feeling as if i was going to pass out and they did not. I am now off them.x

sheree ritchie

20-01-07, 15:17
im now on 150mg of venlafaxine in the morning now, plus Ive put on some weight since ive been on thses meds.

20-01-07, 16:24
elo Craig,

i hav never took venlafaxine but my sis is on them an has been for some time and they have helped alot...she is also on olanzapine..sorry i cant rem the dose..but they have helped her too..

anti pychotics r used for ppl with anxiety issues and depression too...it is normal and very common....i would say talk to ur psychiatrist about ur meds..as mayb the dose needs to b increased but generally they know wot they r doin...mine is very good and we decide together wot is the right path for me to take with meds...

the doses u are on is normal dat much i do know..i took olanzapine for a while but was changed onto a dif one....

hope that helps hun tc x

Take care,
Lin xxx

"Fear is dat lil darkroom, wer negatives r developed", so positive thoughts okies!!!!!

22-01-07, 11:07
Thinks seem to be getting better I think I been able to go shopping recently without been anxious plus i went to a wedding party the other nite, so these meds i'm on I think they are working, I would say im around 50% getting back there just gotta keep at my treatment.

thanks, Craig.

22-01-07, 11:08
Great news Craig..well done for what cha did...hope it continues..tc

Take care,
Lin xxx

"Fear is dat lil darkroom, wer negatives r developed", so positive thoughts okies!!!!!