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22-12-14, 09:22

First time posting about this, so apologies if it is covered elsewhere.

I need some reassurance over my palpitations.
Since the end July/ beginning of August I have had palpitations which occur regularly; maybe about 30 times a day or so.
I have seen my GP and had 2 on the spot ECG done, and also wore a portable ECG monitor for 24 hrs; none of these detected anything abnormal.

I have been on Propranalol since August (40mg), and for the past 5 wks or so I have been on Citalopram (20mg) too.

My GP has put the palps down to anxiety issues (I have recently been told I am glucose intolerant/bordering Diabetes Type 2, and have undergone a major restructure with work...plus a rather stressful period leading up to a flight abroad; I hate flying and am a really nervous flier).

I guess naturally I'm worried that something has been missed or is not quite right somewhere, and I have to be honest and say it's scaring me somewhat.

Can anyone empathise with me and ease my fears please?


22-12-14, 09:29
Morning ghostly,

I get palps all the time, it is the anxiety!! They are very annoying but I find that if I am thinking about them they seem worse than they really are.

I'm also on cit but in the middle do a relapse as I am a worrier and over thinker!!

Your not alone and things will get better. I've just upped cot to help me through this bad patch!!

Take care

Kendra x

22-12-14, 09:33
I see you have posted this a few times and have had little response. Here's why.... we empathise BUT you have had all the tests and are on medication yet you appear to not believe you Drs .....now it is time for you to deal with the "anxiety" which is causing all this via CBT/therapy/mindfulness etc. "Reassurance" is not the way forward for you as this will just reinforce your anxiety, making things worse.


22-12-14, 09:44
Hey Kendra

Thanks for the reply! Sorry to hear about your issues (hugs).
There are times when everything seems normal and there seems to be no palps for a while (maybe even the odd day once in a while), which I kind of start thinking that it must be anxiety issues rather than a major problem as it is not there every single heartbeat. Worries me though, as I am sure it did for you originally?

Ghosty x

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Hi Sarah

Thanks for the reply. It's not that I don't trust my GP at all, I just realise that every so often mistakes are made and results are overlooked; it would be great to live in a world where such things do not happen...but sadly we do not, and they do happen.

I was diagnosed with a heart murmur when young which was apparently still evident in 2006, hence my concerns.