View Full Version : whats the point of an ecg?

22-12-14, 09:51
hi im a little confused when in a&e yest all ecg results came back fine ambulance paramedics were like your fine mate but then cardio doc was like even though ecg was fine you could have still had a heart event so well take blood

then when he took blood he said I have slightly elevated troponin in my blood but well within normal range so they kept me in for longer obv panics kicking away at this point he said the excersize ive just put my heart through has released a little troponin

it says its only released when heart is damaged but then others say its released when excersizing also

HERE WE GO AGAIN:mad:no one seems to know exactly what there on about or they contradict each other its the 21st century here

22-02-15, 21:44
I very much doubt your troponin stays at a fixed level your whole life. And if it was only released if your heart was damaged then it should be 0 constantly and not within a range of numbers. Therefore if yours is within normal range yet slightly elevated and you have a normal ecg (which would be doing all sorts of crazy things very obviously if there was something wrong with your heart) it is elevated due to other things, such as exercise. It makes sense, and the doctor seems very certain you're ok.