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28-12-14, 10:50

I have been given these 5mg tablets last wednseday for anxiety. The doc told me to take one before bed at night.... I did this on the Wednesday night as instructed and fell asleep pretty quickly and stayed asleep for ten hours....... a relief :)

The next day i saw the doc and he told me what the tablets are normally used for..... well this completely throw me off!!!! PANICK PANICK PANICK.

Since then i have been taking half a 5mg pills (2.5)

Last night i took a quarter of a pill and still managed to sleep thorough.

Will it be the pill helping me sleep in such a low dosage or is it that i may finally be feeling better?

My CBT therapist has made me panic more by his reaction to the doc giving me theses tablets, saying its not normal in his experiance and that the therapy may not work if I'm drugged up ?

Im also 100mg of sertaline ?

Thanks Arran

28-12-14, 11:49
Olanzapine is commonly prescribe in small doses to help anxiety sufferers I used to be on 5mg a night which worked well for me, I've now reduced to 2.5mg, at the start it can be very sedating even in small doses, I slept fantastically at the beginning, I still sleep quite well, it can be an effective calming med for anxiety X X

28-12-14, 13:49
iv been on 5mg at night for months now and find they realy help with my sleep.in the begining they knocked me out,but after a few weeks that stoped.but find that now when im asleep they keep me in a good sleep through night.i dont think they have helped me with my anxiety