View Full Version : ESA and getting Married?

01-01-15, 17:07
Hi. Im not sure if this is the right place to post this...sorry im new here.
I am looking for advice on Being on ESA and getting married to my partner who works.

I claim ESA due to depression, anxiety and I have an easting disorder.
My partner ( who I do not live with ) works 37 hours a week and receives 1250 a month before tax. my partner and I would like to get married in the future but I wanted to know if anyone knew what would happen to my ESA if we got married?

Would my ESA stop? Would I receive any other type of benefit? I had seen someone mention working tax credit?

Thank you for any response.

01-01-15, 18:59
I think your ESA would stop or be reduced by your partner/husbands earnings.

02-01-15, 08:23
If you are on income based (as opposed to contributions based) it will stop immediately. He may be entitled to working tax credits, but you'd need to look into it. It will be basically down to him to support you financially if you marry. Get him to put his details into this site based on the 2 of you and it should give you more info - http://www.entitledto.co.uk/