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03-01-15, 13:38
We have been trying for a baby for 3 and a half years and recently went for ivf consultation and the same day found out we were already pregnant. I am over the moon that we will be parents but at the same time I am anxious it's real and I am going to have a baby, I worry that I wont be able to cope or won't be a good mother, I don't think morning sickness is helping as I constantly feel sick or throwing up :( we currently live with my mother and I have suffered anxiety before I was pregnent and now my husband is talking about moving out a month before the baby is born :( is the way I am feeling normal? Has anybody else experienced anything like this?

21-01-15, 02:12

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm 38 weeks expecting our first baby after going through ivf.

I was very anxious in the first few weeks. I'm kindof a recovered agoraphobic I can get some places now. As time went on my anxiety got better as I had something really happy & positive to focus on. If you look to the postives of how great life willbe when you have your baby to focus on. You will have ups & downs. That's normal. But pregnancy is 9 months for a life time of happiness
Do discuss moving homes with your partner as moving is really stressful & its important you feel safe & secure where you live.

25-01-15, 14:37

Oh my god, I completely know what you mean. I'm only about 3 weeks pregnant (not even seen the midwife yet) and already I'm having to wrestle with anxiety.

It's the weirdest thing, because I wanted to get pregnant (we didn't "try" as such, but made the conscious decision to stop using contraception). And when the two little pink lines appeared on the stick, I was so happy, I smiled for hours. But after a few days, I started to feel all the worries you're describing. Here are all of the stupid things that've crossed my mind (please don't judge me on any of these)

1. Can we afford a baby?
2. Is it a problem that we don't drive? Should we go out and get a car, just for this?
3. What if I get postnatally depressed? What if I don't like my baby?
4. (This is the worst one) What if I can't handle this pressure, what if I'd be better off getting an abortion or miscarrying (NB this is my crazy anxiety talking, I know that, it likes to torment me with horrible thoughts, it makes me feel like such a bad person!)
5. When should I tell them at work? Will they hate me for leaving? When should I go back to work, if at all?

Like you say, the sickness doesn't help. Often when I'm anxious, I feel sick anyway, so I think it's a bit of a chicken/egg situation (which is causing which?)

I also don't like the idea that I have to keep it secret for a while, and carry on as normal. I don't FEEL normal, this the most bizare, wonderful, terrifying thing to ever happen to me.

I like having the support on here though. It sounds like you have a loving partner at home too. That has to count for a lot, doesn't it. I think we'll be OK, it's just gonna be a long road.