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31-08-04, 13:57
I am in a bad mood. As you may know I have been having numerous problems with my teeth and my dentist seems incapable. It turns out I have to wait a year (!!) to be referred to the hospital and on top of that I have a problem with a second tooth now.

I went to an emergency dental point his morning and he gave me another filling (which hasn't helped) and yet MORE antibiotics (which I cant drink with for a week - yikes!)

Anyway, I got in to work and in front of everyone my boss said 'can you prove you've been to the dentist please, because you're going too much'. Well I showed her the tablets and then went and cried in the toilets. Putting up with expensive toothache is one thing, being called a liar in front of all my workmates by my boss is another. ....

Am peed off here now and want to leave.........


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31-08-04, 14:21
Hiya Em

Poor you :(

I don't expect you have private health care do you? Alex's company also do dental stuff as well as the normal health care stuff so that is great news for me - but doesn't help you I know.

I can't believe they expect you to wait that long for treatment that is ridiculous. Is this private or NHS?

As for work, then that was very mean of your boss :( He should have taken you to one side to discuss it and not in front of everyone.

If it gets to be an issue, can you talk to your HR department about it and how much time you are allowed to take off for treatments etc?

Sorry you are feeling so bad mate and I hope you get a better evening (without any alcohol now by the sounds of it).

Chin up Em - you can bounce back mate.[Yeah!] Big hugs



31-08-04, 14:26
Thanks for your kind words Nic

My insurance only covers dental work 'if it is life threatening'. Which seems unlikely to me.

I am starting taking the tablets tomorrow so I shall go for one last drink tonight........if I drink with these tablets I shall violenty puke - so now I am worrying about what if I forget and drink etc etc!

Oh well, off on holiday in just over a week! Got my flying valium today!


Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit
Understanding is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad

31-08-04, 14:59
Hi Emily,

Your boss is completely out of order and you could make a formal appointment to see her and tell her so. It could be viewed as harrassment and is certainly poor management practice.

You could ask about and go for a second opinion somewhere- preferably somewhere with a dental school like Kings.

Flagyl will make you sick but it does wear off ..


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Robert Albert Bloch

31-08-04, 16:40
hi there Em,

It's so harsh that your boss humiliated you like that!! Some people just don't think, do they? Just try to forget about it - don't let him upset you! hard, i know. Take care.

Sarah :D

31-08-04, 17:42
Hi Em

That cant of been nice your boss doing that and was out of order.

You do right having a drink tonight to chill you out before you take your tablets.

Pleased you have got stocked up on your flying valium.

Bet you cant wait to go away.

Love Sal xxxxx

31-08-04, 18:15
I sent her an email pointing she was out of order and her response was 'fair enough'. Oh well at least I got it off my chest.

Sal - I wanted to talk to you about prisons [:O]. When will you be in chat room this week? Don't worry, I am not going in to one, I am just interested maybe in doing forensic psychology and wondered what you knew about getting in to it.

Thanks for all your emails of support - I am cheered up enough to go and have a few drinks now.....[8D]


Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit
Understanding is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad

31-08-04, 20:41
Hi Emily,

Sorry to hear about your teeth. What a long wait hey. It not fair at all for you! I hope you do manage to get something sorted sooner.

Have a great holiday and Take care.