View Full Version : Just been prescribed - safe to take after Quiet Life this morning?

05-01-15, 17:23
I've taken 6 quiet life tablets over the past 2 days (last took 2 this morning) and have been prescribed Amitriptyline 25mg by my doctor today to help with anxiety and waking up during sleep as well as some chronic IBS and back pain i've been having.

I'm nervous to take them, as everyone is when they've never tried an AD before, but I was wondering will it be ok to take it today as I've taken 2 quiet life pills already at about 11am. My doctor said it's OK but I don't know if he realised I'd taken some this morning.

I'm also taking rescue remedy which I'm pretty sure is safe to take with any prescription drug?

Very scared to try this drug but the reviews don't see too bad. I desperately want to feel better and more relaxed, even if it means I'm sleepy. Please, some advice xx

06-01-15, 12:26
Hi Katki, I've just been prescribed these too, 10mg for nerve pain and anxiety.
Like you, I'm very nervous of taking medication and try to stick to herbal where I can (I think bachs rescue remedy is a godsend).
I haven't even collected mine yet but it's nice to know the prescription is there if I get desperate! If you're worried, I would suggest you just wait until tomorrow to take yours. I was told evening time is best. Good luck!

08-01-15, 16:17
Have you started them yet Katki? I've picked mine up and thought I might take one tonight because I haven't been sleeping well, only getting about 4hrs for the last few nights.

08-01-15, 16:32
I have decided not to take the meds I was prescribed. I am working on myself without them and i'm doing OK, slowly. For me, personally, I don't think they are the answer. If it's only sleeping you are having trouble with I would go back to the doctor and ask for some sleeping tablets instead of mind altering ones?

22-01-15, 20:59
I have been on 10mg of amitriptyline for about a year now for back pain and osteoarthritis and I wouldn't sleep without it. I stopped for a short while and it made me realise I need to be on it. I just 'pop' the pill around two hours before I go to bed and I'm fine, sleep through the night and although yes it is hard to get up in the morning...I'd prefer that than not having slept.