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13-01-15, 23:49
I'm currently on month 2 ish of Celexa and my doctor prescribed Trazodone to help me sleep at night because I suffer from insomnia (tried changing my Celexa dose to morning, no help). I was taking Zypoclone for sleep but he wants me to try Traz instead cause he says the dependency risks aren't a factor with an AD...

I was prescribed 50mg to take... I'm wondering if I even need to take 2 different drugs that are technically for anxiety, will it really help me sleep at night?

And the pharmacist told me not to start at 50mg, that it's alot and I'll sleep for 24 hours straight. WTH?

15-01-15, 00:53
Ok well just to update back, I took half a tablet last night. I was knocked out within 15 minutes of taking it and I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock this morning, so I slept from 10:30pm to 7am. I felt AMAZING, and not groggy at all this AM. 50mg would def. be too much I think but 25mg does great, plus I def. noticed my mood improved today which is another good thing, Celexa helped a lot but being sleep deprived held me back in many aspects. YAY. :)

16-01-15, 14:05
hi honey..well i started off in 25mg and like you it knocked me out.but after a couple of weeks that effect stoped.so i went onto 50 that worked for a few weeks.then upto 100 and so on.iv been on 200mg now foronths and im on the liquid form so its quicker to work.well i take it 10 before bed and dont feel like im ready to drop.but once in my bed i fall to sleep for a good many hrs.i dont find its helped my anxiety or deppression.its classed as a old drug nowadays it used to be a popular anti depressent years ago but there are so many new modern ones out there now ,so trazadone is not widley used anymore.only for insomnia really..im glad its working for you....greg

17-01-15, 01:12
thanks Greg. I already had to up to 50mg and last night it took me an hour to fall asleep, but once I did fall alseep I slept all the way through till 6am. Is it too much to ask for to be able to sleep like a normal person?? As for anxiety/depression I'm taking something else. I've read that Traz is really not used to treat depression anymore.

31-01-15, 13:03
thats right honey.traz is a old drug for treeting depresion not used much nowadays apart from using it for insomnia...it dsnt do anything for my depresion.