View Full Version : Best way to come off amitriptyline

15-01-15, 21:43
Looking for some advice I have been in amitriptyline since August to health with my ibd and my anxiety. I really don't think the amitriptyline is working I'm still having panic attacks, I am on 10mg at night but I seem to still panic, I've started to get red blood spots all over my body, heart palpitations and much more. Phenomenal I was on20mg it would knock me out for 16 hours a day so doc suggested reducing it 10mg but I just feel it is making me worse.

Does anyone know the best way to come off amitriptyline is it best to wean myself off or as 10mg is such a small dose is it best to stop all together.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

15-01-15, 22:08
10% reduction per month,whatever you do ,do it very slowly to give your body a chance to readjust

15-01-15, 22:30
Hey there I have messaged you about it basically like Andy says very very slowly

15-01-15, 22:46
Thanks even if it's just 10mg I still have to reduce it slowly despite me having what I think is an allied reaction? I've started to reduce it to 5mg and taking it every other night or would you say it's best to have 5mg every night then reduce it to every other night

15-01-15, 23:00
Don't take it every other night it will upset your nervous system,reduce at the same dose slowly every month

17-01-15, 00:10
10mg is quite a low dose. I think breaking it down to 5mg for a week or so, then going to every second day for a week should be enough to taper off them. Many psychiatrists suggest this approach, but as MrAndy said, some people don't respond as well to the dose every second day. However, you could always call your doctor's office to see what they advise in terms of weaning off. Another option is to go to the pharmacy and ask for the advice from a pharmacist :)

17-01-15, 12:55
Thank you for the advice I really appreciate, I started to reduce it to 5mg a couple of weeks back as I do think these red blood spots I have could be an allergic reaction. I am then taking 5mg every other night as like you said it is such a small dose. I want to be better using techniques not medication

17-01-15, 15:06
I'm not saying you shouldn't take medication, it helps some people, however, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my anxiety levels due to the following:

Talk Therapy
A really healthy diet (no dairy, no gluten, no wheat)
Magnesium Supplement
Inositol Supplement
Omega 3 Supplement
Vitamin C & Zinc Supplement
Reading a lot of self help books
Positive thinking & challenging my thoughts.

May sound simple but by combining all these things I have seen a huge improvement. I don't know about supplements and meds, but start the ones you can safely start now, and see if you can feel a change in yourself. Mindfullness is especially good and Mindfullness CBT works well if you stick to it. I got an 8 week programme from the iTunes store, it has really opened my mind and actually changed me as a person, I have realised anxiety doesn't matter anymore. xx