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20-01-15, 00:06
I picked up health anxiety a few years back in some stressfull times.
it's given me trouble from time to time but I've kept it pretty well under contTamiflu got a 4 year old little girl who is my whole world and one of the reasons I panic about my health is the worry of leaving her early.
Now to the thick of it. Last week I had a severe panic attack spanning a couple of days, and likely stemming from some very stressful situations and tamiflu based reactions.
Went to the doctor, they reassured me and I felt better but they ran some blood work. Today they called back (after their closing hours) and said that my platelet count was low (147 minimum of 150-350) and my gallbladder may have an issue. Ive never had any severe issues with my health and now i cant even speak to them about it. They just said theyd retest
The platelets in 3 months. And recommended a gallbladder ultrasound. I dont have much support as my wife just gets mad, im terrified. Trying not to google but some support or advoce would be great! Trying not to google!

20-01-15, 02:20
As a 'Health Anxiety' sufferer myself; which I now have under control. I completely understand how you feel.
Firstly, try to look at it logically. I f they are not going to re-test for another 3 months, you are not an urgent case. And, in 3 months time, it might be a completely different outcome.
Secondly, try no to Google. This will make you feel worse. All sorts pop up, putting ides in to your head that you may have some incurable disease. Please try not to do it.
Thirdly, keep you Mind occupied and away from any thoughts about illness. The Mind controls the body and you need the negative thoughts turned in to positive thoughts. Think yourself well, eat well, sleep well and you will be ok. :)