View Full Version : Scared to have endoscopy

22-01-15, 02:50
I am scheduled to have an endoscopy on Monday & I'm extremely nervous. I've been having GI issues for the past 6-8 weeks & I've got myself so worked up that I have cancer. It's terrible really. I'm trying hard to stay calm so I can have this procedure to hopefully ease my mind.

Mary :)

22-01-15, 22:00
Please don't be scared, I had it 3 months ago and I was convinced I had stomach/esophageal cancer but I git the all clear. Didn't even have gerd, nothing. Procedure itself was very easy for me as well, I didn't have sedation, just throat spray and it took about 5 mins. Good luck hope it goes well for you.

23-01-15, 01:29
Thank you! I appreciate you giving me some upbeat information. I think the normal reaction is to think the worst, as I've read with many other people here. I will be happy to get it done & feel more at ease.


23-01-15, 16:28
I get mine on the 10th feb and even though i had one 6 yrs ago i am worried what will be found not the actual procedure.

23-01-15, 16:30
I had sedation for mine and can't remember anything about it apart from having tea and toast after :)

24-01-15, 19:41
I'm with you Zippy...the results have me more worked up than the actual test!! I'll let you know how it went in about 60 hours :)


27-01-15, 05:46
Well... I did it!!! And all was normal..go figure :)