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22-01-15, 13:41
Hello everyone
this is my first post and I've not been a member for very long. My problems started after quite a stressful period a couple of months ago. I started have daily headaches tight band around the head feelings dizziness arm tingling eye floaters and other vision problems aswell as brain zaps which I was adamant were seizures (check out exploding head syndrome) and shooting head pains not to mention heavy headedness especially in the morning. As you can imagine I was utterly certain I had a brain tumor, something I'd feared since my aunt sadly passed away with one. I also feared the tumor had spread to my spine as I suffer an extremely tight neck (classic anxiety plus how I sleep) and back pain (old sports injury) . I also have visual snow, light flashes so as you can tell quite an extensive list. anyway been going for about 3 months and I went to the doctors literally forcing a doctor to stay after work as I rang nearly in tears over cancer and MS who checked me over and didn't seem concerned she did lots of eye exams and assured me I would be extremely ill after a few months and symptoms wouldn't come and go. she recommended I see an optician which I have today. ladies and gentlemen optometrists are a saviour. she did every test imaginable including photos of the backs of my eyes and blew them to to explain each part such as the macula optic nerve and blood vessels. she said the disc would definitely be swelled after as it is generally one of the first symptoms. she also said eye pressure was fine which would rule out MS and eye tumors and explained things so thoroughly that I am so grateful. she said my eyes were extremely healthy (better be for all the money I spend on omega 3 tables :)) she also said the head tightness and dizziness is probably due to tension round my eyes and neck classic tension band described by Claire weekes . she has no idea how much she has helped me today and explained everything more thoroughly than the doc ever has. I am begging anyone who has these fears to get an eye test and ask questions you often worry over. I feel so much better for going and although I can't see well due to the eye drops and my eyes have the appearance of a cocaine binge I feel great haha. Apologies for the length but please just book a test and even if something was wrong it's better to find out sooner than live in constant fear of it. I also realised the symptoms have eased off walking home which shows me it's all anxiety and proves how strong it can be. take care everyone :)

22-01-15, 15:34
I'm not a doctor, but I don't understand why you're worried about brain tumour or MS, as I've never seen those symptoms associated with either of those. Dead ringer for anxiety though.

Love Goldens
22-01-15, 15:41
That's great. It's a real help when someone explains something in full. Glad you have some relief now.

22-01-15, 16:14
Thats really helpful to know thank you. I recently had an eye test and my eye pressure was fine and i've been so worried about MS so that makes me feel better

Glad you are feeling better too

22-01-15, 17:23
Thanks guys was really glad I went and I know but sometimes it can be hard to tel yourself it's anxiety as I know you're all aware haha and serenity1990 it was mainly the headaches and dizziness that was scaring me into believing I had a tumor plus vision problems with one can be quite persistent I think it's just because it's how my aunt died and you worry about it I'm sure you know what I mean as for MS vision problems can be caused by optic neuritis which can cause blindness and is usually as predicator of other symptoms it's usually characterised by high eye pressure and a pale optic disc with inflammation I know I know I am Googler and read a lot and apologies I forgot to mention I had quite bad arm tingling but it comes and goes plus my grandad died of ALS/motor neurone but I've since found out it doesn't seem to be hereditary. jezzz this anxiety is hard work when it wants to be haha :)