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23-01-15, 20:21
Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can relate to this:

I've just had my positive result this week. I can't be more than 3 weeks pregnant, and I'm not seeing my doctor till Monday. But today I started having these tummy cramps, mainly on the right hand side, and sort of lower down. It also kind of wraps around to my back too. It's fairly constant with the occasional "stab".

It's not bad pain. Actually maybe "stab" is the wrong word, if I weren't pregnant I'd think nothing of it. But I'm really scared of miscarriage or ectopic. So every twinge has got me nearly in tears with fear.

It's worth mentioning that I've been a bit constipated this week, and I'd just had a glass of prune juice when these pains started. So maybe it's just my bowels getting going? (See how desperate I am for reassurance? I'm even making suggestions)

I don't know, I'm just really scared. This is my first time being pregnant, and I really don't know how I'm supposed to feel. Most of all I'm terrified of losing the baby, it's most definitely a wanted child, and I desperately want to hold onto my little niblet.

23-01-15, 20:55
It does sound like it could be from your bowels if you drank prune juice just before the pain started. If it was a miscarriage you would have bleeding too. If it gets worse you could call 111 for advise but chances are once you have been to the loo you will be pain free.

24-01-15, 08:40
You're right, thank you. I need to be sensible and realistic. After all, what is it more LIKELY to be; an imminent miscarriage or a bit of constipation? I'm just panicking because of my anxiety, and because I really want this baby.

24-01-15, 20:36
Has the pain gone tonight?

25-01-15, 14:22
Yes, it seems a lot better, thank you. I think it was just constipation after all.

28-01-15, 14:32
If this is your first baby, please be reassured, I had SO MANY period pains and one sided pains with stretching etc. Your body hasn't done this before. 2nd time round was much easier Xx

06-02-15, 17:40
Firstly CONGRATS!! :-D

And period like pains are SUPER normal in the first trimester - that's the reason I took a test - period pains and no period! I was 4 weeks when I took the test! x

18-05-15, 16:39
Period type pains are normal during first trimester - its your womb stretching - apparently it goes from something like the size of a prune to a grapefruit during the first trimester! So you can probably appreciate the cramps n twinges.
You are right in saying that cramps can be a sign of miscarriage, but there are other symptoms that go along side it too - high temp over 38 deg cent, bleeding ...so just to reassure you I'm sure you're fine! If in doubt check it out with your GP :-) x