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07-02-15, 00:07
Hi All

I'm a newbie to the forum, had a terrible year and a half suffering with OCD anxiety which led to major depression but getting much better now.

I started taking Quetiapine 100mg November 2013 which was increased up to 300mg over some months. In August 2014 i went down to 150mg and since early December i have cut down to 75mg.

Since cutting to 75mg i have been feeling severe cold like symptoms plus aching joints and very tired. It been 2 months and these symptoms are not getting better. Could this be i have withdrawn to fast?

Thanks Ajita x :)

07-02-15, 20:50
You should always withdraw very slowly off meds much slower than doctors usually recommend .it could be prolonged withdrawal,I came off quetiapine to fast once but it only gave me increased anxiety.Flu like symptoms from withdrawal are quite common though
You could always try reinstating at a higher dose then come off it slower