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13-02-15, 22:27
wasn't sure weather to post this here or in success stories.
I had my mri scan today on my head and wanted to share my experience because before I had it done I really wanted to talk to someone who had had one done or read of peoples experience so I will be as honest as I can.

my first appointment was a few weeks ago but I didn't go I just couldn't face it ....or so I thought !

my follow up appointment came in the post and its for next Wednesday so I knew I had to try again. I rang them up and was honest about why I had not turned up and I was given an appointment for today at 8am.

I made a decision that I wasn't going to look it up on the internet (I did the last time) and I wasn't even going to think about it I was just going to get up and go that particular morning.

yesterday I started to think about it but just tried to distract myself and keep busy.

this morning I got up early and got ready and off we went ,i started to worry but remembered what someone said to me on here so I loudly said "ok mr panic and anxiety you can come with me if you want to but I AM going to do this today". I only had to wait a few minutes before I was called in, the machine looked huge and was already making a noise,
I had to lie on the bench thing and oh my god I had to have a mask thing on to hold my head in place and some bits of foam either side of my head to keep me still. I was given my panic button in case I needed them to stop.
it was tight in there and I suddenly thought I cant do this ....then I remembered everything I had been taught here on nmp .... breath concentrate on that , sing , chant etc
Oh my god the noise was soooo loud ! but that was the worst bit honest.
So if you can imagine im not a small person, im in this tube thing with stuff all around my head and im singing ....badly! I was singing pop songs followed by nursery rhymes and Christmas carols anything that came into my head .... now what a sight I must have been.
the noise comes in sort of sets.... with small breaks in between and the radiographer can talk to you and she can hear you too.
i had a couple of wobbly moments but just sang louder and more upbeat songs.
when it was done i wanted to burst into tears im not sure if it was relief or with pride that i had done it.

But i can promise you it is not as bad as you think....
this is not something i would have even attempted a few years ago but nmp has changed my life dramatically in many many ways.
all i could say all the way home is "ive done it".

Sat here tonight im exhausted because as you know when we push ourselves that's what happens but im so proud of myself.

the changes in me have been dramatic , yes i still get the odd bad day or a blip but that's something we have to manage.
I owe my new life to nmp and all my friends i have made here.
i have learnt two things today
You can do anything if you put your mind to it
you need to face your fear you are far stronger than you think

Thank you nmp :-)

13-02-15, 22:47
Welldone Bluesparkle. you should be so proud of yourself for going through with it that's amazing

13-02-15, 23:03
Well done :) My daughter had an MRI scan on her head last week after she had a snowboarding accident. (fortunately she is fine apart from bad concussion).

14-02-15, 11:29
Wow Rach what an achievement.

Well done honey and brilliant that you managed to remember all the techniques when you really needed them.

I do hope that you are so proud of yourself.

Hope to catch up soon

love Elen xxx

16-02-15, 00:07
thank you :)


16-02-15, 00:51
Sorry Rach, just catching up.... I know I said it to you on facebook but just wanted to say a huge well done to you xxxxx


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16-02-15, 09:36
That's a very bid deal. Well done to you:D:D

16-02-15, 09:39
very well done

16-02-15, 22:16
thank you all so much

I get the results Wednesday