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18-02-15, 13:02
I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and it was planned and I would like to be happy. But my stupid anxiety has other ideas. It's crept up on me and is slowly ruining things already. I am on anti depressants already but I'm now worried as I'm pregnant that the doctor will refuse to prescribe anything else that could help, like Tillamook etc. Has anyone else had what feels like a melt down during pregnancy and has anything been prescribed for it? I'm really scared I'm going to go mad. I feel so isolated. I'm really trying though to fight it by going running and eating healthily and trying to get out in the day but feel like I'm losing the battle big time. :( :(

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*Tillamook is an auto correct!! Sorry , I think I meant to say tranquilizers instead.

18-05-15, 16:31
hi, i feel like this (first pregnancy) I'm 9-10 weeks. also already on antidepressants (sertraline)...i just keep reminding myself its hormonal n will pass.
have you spoken to anyone - partner, friends, relatives?? also I would perhaps go back to your gp/midwife, n let them know whats going on - you don't know that they won't prescribe something else or refer you to therapy etc cos you've not asked yet - remember worrying is a prediction, its not a guarantee its gunna happen! x