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19-02-15, 06:10
Just wondering if anyone has had any feedback for this drug, gp wants to give it to me for anxiety and sleep.

19-02-15, 08:40
in low doses its great for sleep with very little hangover,above 150mg it becomes an anti psyhcotic and slows down your thoughts and helps you relax
I was on it for about 6 months,it did give me bad headaches and made me a bit dizzy at times

19-02-15, 09:45
andy wha dose were you on if you don't mind me asking..I think they are working towards 25mg

19-02-15, 09:47
I started on 50mg at night and 25mg in the morning but they upped it to 125mg at night.
25mg at night will knock you out,its less sedating at higher doses

19-02-15, 10:26
Did your heart rate go faster on this one Andy? only ask as my heart is fast already?

19-02-15, 10:45
Did your heart rate go faster on this one Andy? only ask as my heart is fast already?
No thing like that just occasional headache

19-02-15, 11:11
I'm on 50mg at night to help me sleep and shut my thoughts down....I've found it does the trick...I had really bad insomnia before that.

20-02-15, 07:02
thanks Jacsta and Andy

21-02-15, 02:24
I took the dose and now the day after I feel really dizzy and faint with it is that normal

23-02-15, 09:59
Hi singersongwriter,

Feeling dizzy and faint after taking a new medication is common for people with health anxiety. It can be your own reaction - not the medication.

23-02-15, 10:03
quetiapine can cause dizziness on start up it did for me but it quickly goes away

16-09-15, 21:53
I was put on this to make me stop taking Citalopram and it worked perfectly for about a month, then my anxiety came back with a bang. I am now back on Citalopram and still taking 50mg Seroquel(Quetiapine) an hour before bed.
I've been back on the Citalopram for about two weeks and I am getting a little bit better each day.