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26-02-15, 00:07

I have been taking 75mg to 100 mg of Trazodone for 9 years. I've recently been prescribed Escitalopram and am currently taking 10 mg/daily. I am on day 12. The transition has been extremely difficult with increased anxiety and other side effects. Today my practitioner advised me to stop the Trazodone (cold turkey) as the combination of the drugs is giving me too much serotonin which is causing some of the side effects. She prescribed 3.75 mg Zopiclone x 7 days. I am very concerned about suddenly stopping the Trazodone...I certainly don't need more anxiety as I can hardly cope with the anxiety I am experiencing.

Any feedback?

A Nervous Nigel
24-03-15, 10:40
9 years is quite a long time to quit cold turkey. I would want to come off it at a slower pace, is there anyway you could ask your doctor for a slower taper?

Some people don't get withdrawal symptoms, but some do.

Your only on day 12 of your new medication so odds are its still starting to work. Im not on either of those medications but I would suggest asking to come off the trazodone with some sort of taper, even if its a fast one.

I would give the doctor a call and ask why they didn't want to taper you the trazodone?

24-03-15, 10:46
you should withdraw as slowly as possible ,10% per month is recommended to avoid withdrawal symptoms.You should never ever stop any med cold turkey,shame on your doctor for telling you so