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08-03-15, 18:38
Hey guys and gals,

Last Wednesday I went from 10mg of Olanzapine to 5mg and I have since noticed a definite increase in anxiety, agitation, OCD and agoraphobia. Is this a sign that I am not ready to come off of Olanzapine or is it withdrawal? And if it IS withdrawal, how long should I expect it to last?

Any help would be grand!



15-03-15, 12:35
Hi there.sounds like it could be withdraw and you prob feel anxious anyway because you are aware of the cutdown.i was on 5mg nightime and 5mg daytime,i stoped the daytime and didnt get any side effects.but i was scaning my body for any poss changes.see how you go in the next couple of days and if you still feel rubish,then go back to your doctors

25-03-15, 14:13
Dear Greg,

Thank you for your reply! I spoke to my psychiatrist on the phone and we agreed to go back up to ten milligrams for the time being.

Best wishes,


25-03-15, 16:13
Good to hear you are getting things sorted..good luck

28-04-15, 17:54
I'm going to try a taper down when I see my psych next week but I'm nervous
Anyone any experience of tapering down from a nightly dose of 5mg? :)