View Full Version : Buspirone 5mg & citalopram 20mg

10-03-15, 12:15
Hi my gp has advised I upp my dosage of citalopram from 10mg to 20 mg, I've been on citalopram 10mg for nearly 3 weeks now and just upped to 20mg today I'm also on buspirone 5 mg (3 times a day) and when I looked on Google it says it's not safe I'm really worried please help .......

26-08-15, 16:14
I have the same issue with looking up drug interactions! However, im sure that if a doctor has prescribed them then they have ruled that the risks of not taking them are worst than the risks of taking them together! :)

27-08-15, 15:49
I agree with tabbycat

There's a risk with any drug, and certainly two similar anxiety/anti-depressant drugs can cause serotonin syndrome, but this is very rare.

I use an interaction checker online, and my anxiety drugs are always listed as high risk, but I've had half a dozen combinations in the last few years will no ill effects.

Your Doctor will have weighed any risk against the possibility of benefit to you, so personally I trust in them.