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16-03-15, 10:02
Ok im terrified i had managed to peel myself off the ceiling as it had been nearly three weeks since i had ct scan and no news which i thought was good news, but here goes went over doctor today to check results and was told that i needed to book an appointment to see doctor at the desk about my results im terrified if it was nothing they eoukd tell me im sure ghey ARE GOING TO TELL ME I HAVE A TUMOR OR SOMETHING FATAL! THIS HAS GOT ME TERRIFIED IF IT WAS ALL CLEAR WHY WOUKD THEY WANT TO SEE ME THERE GAS YO BE SOMRETHING WRONG PLEASE HELP ON MY OWN AND SCAREC TODAY

macc noodle
16-03-15, 10:28
I think you may find that the receptionists are not allowed to give scan results out.

Also if your doc knows that you are an anxious person, that they want to reassure you in person. Ring back and explain to the receptionist how worried you are and ask the doctor to call or see you today - failing that ask for your nurse practitioner to call you this morning.

Why were you referred for a ct scan ? You may just need some medication xxxx

16-03-15, 10:42
Thankyou so much gor your reply, i a literally bawling my ryes out at the mo. I was sent for scan because i was feeling dizzy and having some loss of feeling down legt side i have awful health anxiety and was convinced it was a tumor and was sent as reassurance but now they want to see me im terrified the fear is through yhe roof, ghe receptionist gave e blood results and xray results before thst is whsts makjng me think there is something serious x

17-03-15, 08:00
Let us no how u get on x

17-03-15, 13:28
Hi all, first of all can i say thankyou for all your support last night xxx i went to doctors today and had some good news i hav nothing wrong with my brain. They have found some fluid in my left sinus cavity, thank god. Thankyou so much for all your support xxxx i hope your all ok

17-03-15, 22:06
Great news well done xx