View Full Version : Headaches in 1st/2nd trimester

19-03-15, 23:05
Hi everyone. I'm roughly 11 weeks pregnant (I think, not been for the scan yet). In the last couple of weeks, I've started with horrible headaches, on top of the yucky nausea. I've had my blood pressure checked and it's fine, so not too worried about it being something sinister. But I wondered if anyone had any advice for dealing with them?

I'm doing the obvious stuff like trying to drink loads of water and zero caffeine. But are there any foods/natural remedies that help. I know paracetamol's ok - in fact the GPs seem positively keen to have me take it. But it just doesn't feel right to be popping painkillers when I'm pregnant. I'm just taking the odd dose when I have to. I'm a swimming teacher so sometimes the need becomes pretty great (hot, humid & stressful poolside does not a headache remedy make!)

22-04-15, 17:49
I have no remedies but I've been the same, am 13 weeks. I've been sleeping with window open to get fresh air at night, and like you just been trying to drink lots,