View Full Version : Mri Anxious for procedure and for result!!

22-03-15, 03:53
I just started on this website nad am so thankful this exsists!!! I need all the support I can get. I have been worried about cancer since I was young but I dont even know why. Lately my biggest fear is brain cancer. It all started with a trip to the emergency room when i felt a twitch in my cheek and it felt like it was drooping. Went to the ER doc said I was fine no stroke or anything. I still felt this a month after so my DOC set me up for a cheek ultrasound and the results were normal. So why do I still feel like my cheek is a little swollen at tight at times? Also have been having a lot of head pressure for the past three months. Normally it is around my eyes, in my forehead, eye brow sometimes i get sharp pains in my head. It does not happen every day but enough to notice the pressure. Also have been having muscle twitches to the point where I can see them twitching through my skin. VERY SCARY! I finally went to my DOC this week and she checked me out. First she checked my eyes and ears because sometimes you can see tumors there she said she saw nothing. She then checked my nose and said she saw congestion and also fluid in my ears and said the pressure could be from sinuses. Then she did a neurological exam said it was normal but she was very short no details at all. I kept asking if she saw anything weird she said no. She is setting me up for an MRI to put my mind at ease but she was so quick to suggest one when I told her my symptoms. However I have been there twice already for fear of a brain tumor so maybe she is fed up and that is why she was so short with me. Wondering if she was short because she saw something and knew I would freak out? Also told her about my muscle spasms so she did some blood work to see if any of my magnesium levels were low. Here's what came back-very very low on vitamin D but aren't we all? lol/ Could this cause muscle spasms? And she said im borderline under active thyroid could this be causing any of my symptoms. If cancer was present somewhere in my system can they tel anything by blood work and white blood cells? Anyone have any answers?! Im so nervous for my mri i hear so many bad stories even more nervous for the results. Im so unhappy that I cant live my life please help!!!