View Full Version : Busperone for 2 weeks now at 15mg

24-03-15, 18:39
I have been on busperine now for 2 weeks and have seen no improvement yet .
I am just hoping it takes a while to get into my system .
I have recently stopped mirtazapine & pregabalin which I have been on for 18 Mths .
My anxiety level is the highest it has ever and I have had to close my business at present due to feeling that bad .
I have diazepam 15 mg per day for a short while and also some sleeping tablets as I have not been sleeping at all .
Hopefully somebody can reassure me that these will eventually work or can advise me of a better one with not too many side affects .

26-03-15, 22:31
Check with your Doctor but if 15 mg diazapam worked then the buspar may not be enough
Buspar worked for me but so did 2mg diazapam. or half a mg Ativan.


27-03-15, 07:54
Hi Davit ,
I am not taking so much diazepam at present & my doctor has increased busperine to 20mg per day .
How long was you on busperine for before you noticed any affects .
Was it instant or did it take a few weeks to notice any difference .
Thanks Shaun