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30-03-15, 21:37
I love to do sketching, especially of buildings (due to architecture) and I've started an Instagram of my sketches. They really keep my mind busy and it's a good realise for tension as well!


Maybe one day I could sell them as cards!

30-03-15, 22:40
They're really good Kimberly, well done :)

31-03-15, 00:57
OMG! They are brilliant. You really are talented. :yesyes:

31-03-15, 11:29
Sell them as cards? I expect to see you on Grand Designs!!!

You really are talented Kimberley. You could easily sell them as cards, print them to fabrics (e.g. bags) or make money off them as an artist selling canvas.

Recently there has been a Mindfulness book released on Amazon that is about applying it through art. Maybe thats worth a look?

31-03-15, 11:51
beautiful work ,well done

31-03-15, 14:59
You are so talented !! Keep up the good work.

31-03-15, 15:43
Ah thanks guys! :) Terry, think I'll have a look at that! Watch this space haha!

31-03-15, 16:04
These are fab Kimberley! Working on art deffo keeps your mind focused too.

31-03-15, 16:34
Yeah those are awesome! I draw top its probably the most effective remedy I've found x

31-03-15, 19:33

07-06-15, 21:03
They're very good - I've just followed you on Instagram. :)

13-06-15, 23:24
they are amazing! are you studying art? i'm currently doing a BAHons in fine art :yesyes:

14-06-15, 00:54
Absolutely brilliant! You are so talented x

14-06-15, 02:02
Wow, those are amazing!!!! You have a real gift.

07-08-16, 18:11
Sooo, since opening my Instagram account a year or so ago, I've finally got round to what I've wanted to do for ages - try to sell my art!

I've opened an Etsy shop so if anyone has any advice on how to get my items found then please help! I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet but I've wanted to do this for so long.

Also please have a look! :D my shop is called KimberleyART.etsy.com

07-08-16, 21:43
Am looking forward to receiving my first Kimberley Original in the post shortly! Beautiful art work!

07-08-16, 22:08
I thought it was you!! :D thank you, you've made my evening being my first buyer!

08-08-16, 08:22
It's an investment for the future when you are famous! I'm looking forward to enjoying the print in its full glory!

08-08-16, 09:02
Haha well everyone has to start somewhere! I'm just waiting for packing stuff and I'll let you know when it is dispatched - I need to make sure the post doesn't bend it!!

08-08-16, 19:29
Thanks. I'm sure I'll be delighted with it. Maybe you should sign it?

09-08-16, 09:49
Yeah :) there is so much to think about with this - I am used to just drawing and then putting my sketch book away again!! The only thing with living in the back and beyond of no where is that our post is sooooo slow. It's stressing me out being late for stuff I ordered that I need!!

09-08-16, 10:50
What incredible talent you have! I've had a go at zentangle (it's very absorbing and a good distraction) but have a long way to go to produce anything like your's. I'm much better behind a camera but have let that slide these past few months.

Well done, I hope they sell well.

09-08-16, 11:53
Aw thank you! I love taking pictures too, when I'm away somewhere I've constantly got my camera out! You should definitely get your camera back out, it's really rewarding getting a well framed photo!

Zentangle is very absorbing. In fact, I was bored at work one day so started doodling, and my boss asked me what I was doing. I thought I was about to get told to stop it, but he started telling me about Zentangle and that was just like it. I've just doodled like this for years and I had no idea it was an actual art form and so popular!!

12-08-16, 17:09
I just wanted to say that I'm delighted with my print-Kimberley is very talented!

15-08-16, 15:36
Thanks Pulisa! :D

15-08-16, 19:49
I just wanted to say that I'm delighted with my print-Kimberley is very talented!

What a lovely post

Kimberley I looked at your pictures they are lovely

17-08-16, 13:40
Thanks KeeKee :)

18-08-16, 12:29
I see you've sold another print Kimberley :) :winks:

18-08-16, 14:23
Yeah I was really excited when I woke up this morning and saw that!

Do you have anything to do with that?? :ohmy:

18-08-16, 21:05

22-10-16, 17:18
Since starting up my shop a few months ago I have gathered a collection of art now for sale! If you are interested please take a look! I also am now selling Christmas cards! (even if it is only October!)

I would be super grateful if anyone would share this with their friends and families! :)